Cycles Endurance is full of experiences!
JP Lavigne, the owner, welded his first bicycle frame at the age of 17.

He took and rode it on a 4 months excursion across Europe roughly 4,745 km through 9 countries. In the late '80s, he discovered duathlons and triathlons, which he competed in at the elite level. In 1992, he traded his triathlon bike for a mountain bike. In that same year, he participated at the world championship, which was held in Bromont QC. JP continued to race as an elite athlete until 1997. His competition days were over in 2 minutes and 43 seconds after a serious crash at Mont-Snow VT during a Norba series race, as he broke his left collar bone (useless bone anyway) and separate his shoulder... He continues to ride today for the pleasure of riding.

Quebec Science

JP started working in the industry at the age of 18 for a small distributor in Montreal. He moved on to help Gervais Rioux (1988 Olympian) start his bicycle store - they would stay at the store until 3 am fixing bikes and watching the drunk crowds of people coming out of bars. This was the birth of Argon 18 bikes as we know it today which Gervais Rioux is still the owner of. In 1988, while working with Gervais Rioux, JP was certified by Fit Kit as a professional bike fitter and cleat adjustment specialist. He was the third individual to be certified in Canada. Over the years, he practiced the art professionally fitting people from all walks of life.  From the mom or dad riding with their kids, to the elite athlete, to the cardiovascular patient. JP holds a numbers of certificates as a pro-fitter from Serotta and Softride.  He also is a specialist on heart training as he worked with Sally Edwards, who is the guru of heart training.

In 1995, JP made the move to the big bike company, Giant Bicycle. He moved from Montreal to Toronto to work for Giant. In 2000, he was transferred to Chicago to continue to work for Giant. It was in Chicago, that JP developed his skills as an elite coach for several athletes. He had also started a Cardio Zones training program, which focuses on the heart as he always said: "The heart is our biggest muscle and it needs to work properly because the day it doesn't is your death!"

In 2008, a family decision made JP return to his hometown of Montreal. That is when he start the first youth cycling club on the island of Montreal, open for kids from the age of 6 to 18 years old. JP was expecting a few kids, friends of his oldest son. However, in the first year alone the club reached 32 riders, and eventually grew to over 100 in three years. Today, on the island of Montreal there are 4 cycling clubs now with over 300 kids riding, all because of the first started in 2009 by JP.

It should be mention that JP also has great mechanical skills as he has been certified by Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo (his favorite brand for road bike). He worked with Pro mountain bike teams in the '90s as he was a racer.

JP's knowledge is a combination of old school and current way of the world of bicycle. His primary goal is to see everyone ride a bike whether you bought it at a Big Box store, a fancy boutique, or online. He will cater to your needs and wants.

JP's son Eirik, also works at the store. Eirik started racing BMX at the age of 4 and moved on to road racing. He is one of the mechanics at the store and will cater to your needs when JP is out taking a nap!

At Cycles Endurance, our guarantee is that your bike will always be a perfect fit.