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Depending on the type of bike fit you get, it can take between 30 minutes and a few hours and provide you with a simple
personalized advice on the best bike size, recommended changes to improve your comfort, give you a specific diagram of
the optimal personal set up for a particular bike, or deliver a detailed report on your pedaling stroke.


Quick Fit

$50 (30 minutes)

Many cyclists ride bikes that are not the right size for them. Combined with the wrong saddle height, this can create
saddle sores, back pain or other injuries while also causing poor pedaling efficiency. A Quick Fit will provide a saddle
height and frame size advise for the bike of your choice based on 2 quick and easy measurements with our Bike Sizer

Shoe Cleat Adjustment

$75 (1 hour)

A good cycling position starts with the correct positioning of the feet on the pedals and it is therefore extremely important that the cleats are properly adjusted so that the feet can move around the pedals in the most natural, efficient and comfortable way. When purchasing new shoes or replacing your cleats, it is therefore very important that the cleats are properly adjusted so
that your foot is not too far forward or backward on the pedal and your foot is not forced into an unnatural position while cycling. Getting your cleats fitted by a trained member of staff with our Shoe Cleat Adjuster will provide you with less friction, more comfort and an improved power transfer.

Complete Fit

$150 (2 hours)

A Complete Fit will measure your body height, upper body, leg & arm length, and shoulder width and foot size. Based on those metrics, your preferences and our experience of having completed, we then provide you with a full bike diagram of your suggested bike set up no matter if it’s a mountain bike, commute or road bike. It will take all the guess work out of your bike set up and can be used to optimize your position on a current bike or guide the purchase of a new one to ensure you get the right size and set up for your requirements.

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